Nine Things You Can Do In January To Make 2018 Your Richest Year Yet!

Save, save, save!

Nine Things You Can Do In January To Make 2018 Your Richest Year Yet!

If you're anything like me, your goals every new year are pretty much the same: spend less, eat less, etc etc.

More than not, I don't follow any of them beyond the first few weeks.

But what if there was something your could do in the first few weeks of the year that would set you up for the rest of the year? 

Here's some ideas which you can do now to save money, and make saving cash a breeze for the rest of the year:  to get you started: 

Sort out your budget.

Take good hard look at your income and figure out how much you really can spend on what 

A suggested plan might be: 60 percent essentials (rent, electricity, groceries, 20% splurge (dinners, clothes etc) and 20% savings/paying off debt. Obviously this depends on your income and outgoings so adapt it to suit you.

Audit your direct debits:

Check out all your automatic payments and direct debits and make sure you need them.

Do you need to pay for Netflix and Stan? Can you get a discount on your electivity by setting up a direct debit. Do you use your gym membership?

Get A Budgeting App

Have a play with a few budgeting apps until you find one that works for you – once you get into the habit of using it you’ll find your awareness of your spending increases tenfold.

Clean out your cupboards:

If you have three mascaras on the go, don’t buy more until you’ve used them. If there’s 10 tins of chickpeas in the pantry – I guess you’re eating chickpea curry for the next two weeks!

Buy what you need in bulk:

It’s a lot cheaper to buy everyday items like dishwashing tablets, shampoo, body wash in bulk. Once you’ve cleaned out your cupboards do the math and stock up in the most budget friendly options – even wine is cheaper to buy on mass!

Make it easy to meal prep:

Head to Kmart and make sure you’ve got enough containers to allow your self to pack your lunch for the week. Then spend a couple of hours finding and saving recipes you’d like to try.  If you’ve got the space, why not freeze some extra meals so you don’t get tempted to order UberEats on nights you work late! 

Sort out your inbox – and your social media.

I know – it’s odd but if you’re anything like me – emails about sales and new products can set me off on a spending spree. Unsubscribe from store emails and unfollow brands that you know you’re tempted to overspend on.

Sell old clothes and household items

You’ll be surprised what you can make on Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. Have a good clean out, take some snaps and list everything you don’t need. Every $10 you make, adds up!


Vow not to buy household items brand new:


It’s good for the environment and it’s good for you. Set a rule in 2018 to not buy anything new for your household. You’ll be amazed what you can find in Facebook buy/swap/sell groups and on Gumtree. Cutting out those Kmart spending sprees and you’ll be amazed what you can save.