Lush’s New Bubble Bars Let You Draw & Blow Bubbles In The Bath!

Making bath-time creative

Lush’s New Bubble Bars Let You Draw & Blow Bubbles In The Bath! Instagram @ Lush / @itsallaboutlush / @lushnottingham

Lush is everyone’s go to place when they want to draw a nice warm bath and relax with a colourful, aromatic bath bomb. 

Now, the store has released some new products that make bath time a creative place too, because their new bubble bars basically make your bath a canvas you can draw upon!


Here’s what’s on offer:

The Bubble Brush Bar 

  • Comes in candy, lemon and mint scents
  • Made up of fluorescent coloured bubble bar over a biodegradable wooden stick
  • Use: You hold the bar like a popsicle and run it through bath water, allowing you to create amazing DIY colour designs in the bath. 

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles Bar

  • Use: you've got the added bonus of blowing bubbles with it!

Pink Petitgrain

  • Contains calming petitgrain and grapefruit oils, working wonders to get rid of your worries~
  • Use: "Hold this flower under running water and let it spin and build bubbles before breathing deeply and allowing yourself to be transported away on a cheerful, summer breeze. "

They’re all reusable and 100% biodegradable - just dry them off after each use!


Are these the perfect addition to bath time for your kids?

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