Is Your Job The Most Likely To Cause Major Sleep Problems?

Look out for your health.

Is Your Job The Most Likely To Cause Major Sleep Problems?

It’s true that a lot of us are working nine to five just to stay alive and to finance all the other things we really want to do in life, but the stresses of work can sometimes take a true toll on our health. 

In a recent study, it has been revealed that some jobs even cause us to lose up to a total of two weeks sleep PER YEAR. 


Alexandra Thompson, a health reporter for MailOnline, spoke of new research which shows your job may be to blame for extreme sleep loss. 

She specified the top jobs that are causing such sleeping problems due to the hours worked, and you may or may not be surprised by some that make the list.

Does YOUR profession make the list?

1. Mothers

Mothers, although they don’t have a salary, come in as the highest who suffer from sleep deprivation. 

On average, they suffer a 25% decrease in sleep, getting less than five hours a night. 

2. Transport, Communication, and Construction

Averaging less than five hours of sleep due to work hours and early or late shifts.

3. Public sector roles (Education and Health)

82 per cent get less than six hours of rest. 

4. Banking and Finance

Many work up to 80-hour weeks and get between 6-7 hours sleep per night among their stressful schedules. 

According to Sealy, who polled 15,000 people on their sleeping habits, over 77% of us all fail to get the sleep we need to remain both healthy and happy. 

Is it about time we start getting in some more Zzzz’s? 

Let us know in the Facebook comments if your job made the list and be sure to speak to a GP if you have serious concerns about your health.