Ikea Will Now Take Back Your Old Furniture & Give You A Reward!

We're not kidding!

Ikea Will Now Take Back Your Old Furniture & Give You A Reward! AAP

If you have some old Ikea furniture collecting dust in your garage after your latest spring clean (you didn't need that extra coffee table, did you?), we have some good news for you!

Ikea Australia has launched it's first furniture take-back service, where customers can drop off their old furniture at their local store and it can then be re-sold to someone else!

This obviously means that the furniture needs to be in good condition, but it's still an amazing thing!

If you drop off your old bookcase, coffee table, chairs, or whatever else you have collecting dust, Ikea will give you a nice voucher in return so you too can purchase furniture that someone else may have returned!


So, how does it work?

Well, first you need to fill out an online form about your unwanted furniture and submit a picture of it, so an Ikea worker can make sure that it's able to be resold.

If it's up to snuff, then Ikea will offer you a price for it and give you a fortnight to drop it off!

Now, here's the catch.

This amazing service is currently only available in Sydney at Ikea's Tempe store.

Fingers crossed it'll be rolled out into other states very soon!

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