Here's How IKEA Drastically Changes Their Catalogue To Suit Every Country In The World

Things are VERY different...

Here's How IKEA Drastically Changes Their Catalogue To Suit Every Country In The World


We all have a love/hate relationship with Ikea.

The Swedish furniture giant has some of the greatest products in the world, but putting them together sometimes isn't so great...

The latest Ikea catalogue has over 500 new products for us to drool over... but what you're seeing in your catalogue, isn't what your friend in Japan will be seeing.

Turns out that Ikea has to drastically change their catalogues for different countries around the world!

Martin Enthed, an Ikea marketing executive, wrote to CGSociety saying, "A kitchen in the US will look very different to a kitchen in Japan, for example, or in Germany.

"So you need lots of different layouts in order to localise the kitchen area in brochures."

Quartz has reported that the furniture company has a team of ethnographers who travel to across the globe, so see what life is like in each country.

This gives them an accurate look at day-to-day life so that the catalogues appeal to the correct audience in each country.

For example, this is a kitchen ad for Ikea in America.

There's a big kitchen and a girl just doing her thing...

But in the Chinese version, the kitchen is a lot smaller and the same girl is just doing her thing.

The Sun reported that most appliances are computer generated and that the models will take one photo for the catalogue, but then could be cut out in other versions.

Earlier this year, Ikea released an ad for the Orthodox Jewish community in Isreal that didn't feature any women or girls.

An Ikea spokesperson told MailOnline that this was out of respect to the small Haredi community.

"We will make sure that future publications will reflect what Ikea stands for and at the same time show respect for the Haredi community.”

Women and girls have been photoshopped out of many Ikea catalogues in countries such as Saudi Arabia. 

However, the company have since stopped excluding women from those specific catalogues.

Is your mind blown?