Group Attempts To Steal 4,000 Kilos Of Oranges, Fails Miserably

But, but why???

Group Attempts To Steal 4,000 Kilos Of Oranges, Fails Miserably BBC News

Police in Spain have arrested five people for probably the most insane heist of 2018 (I'm calling it) no one understands why they would even want to do it.

Overnight, police in the southern city of Seville seized over 4,000kgs of oranges that the five people had stolen from a nearby town.

The group were travelling with their citrus-y haul in two separate cars when police pulled them over for travelling too close together.


Strike one.

When inspecting the vehicles, police found the first car filled to the brim with loose oranges and the second car filled with bags of oranges (the driver of the second car was the smarter one, obviously), which the theives said they “had been picking... up from the ground”.

Image: ABC News

Unfortunately for them, their story didn't stick because police had already been informed about a theft in the nearby town of Camona, where a shipment of oranges had been stolen earlier that evening.


Strike two AND three.

Spain has a lot of oranges and regularly exports their oranges across the European Union, so why would five people want to steal a shipment of a fruit that they could probably find in a tree behind their houses?!

I am baffled.