#FreeThePimple Is Taking Over Instagram, So Love The Skin You’re In

Embracing YOU

#FreeThePimple Is Taking Over Instagram, So Love The Skin You’re In Instagram @ lounorthcote / @i_d / @sophiaharristaylor photographer

There’s a new movement taking over Instagram and it’s all about loving the skin you’re in!

Model Louisa Northcote started the hashtag, #freethepimple, to open up conversation surrounding the unrealistic standards of beauty running rampant in our society. 


She’s long suffered with chronic acne, like many others, and posted a video to inspire others to embrace their natural beauty and reject the stereotypes!


Louisa told her audience, "I am part of a generation that is all about change and speaking up.

"I spent so many years covering it up, having it affect my day, affect my life and affect my mental health but now I embrace it as it is part of who I am.”

Many fans have told Louisa that she’s an inspiration to them, helping them embrace their identities as they are. 


The movement is now gaining more traction and we’re all for breaking down the unrealistic standards in place!

If you want your children to live in a world free of the crippling expectations we have thrust upon us, then jump on this!




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