Everyone’s Going Crazy For This $89 Kmart Coffee Machine

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Everyone’s Going Crazy For This $89 Kmart Coffee Machine Kmart

Coffee. It’s the love story to every groggy morning when we can’t see through the fog of our tiredness and need a little wake p call to get us through the day.

So, now that Kmart, one of the most beloved bargain stores in Australia, is selling an $89 espresso coffee machine, Aussies are going bonkers over it. 

Mums on Kmart Mums Australia are already recommending it left, right and centre, so it’s sure to sell out ASAP. 

The coffee machine includes:

  • a milk frother
  • a portafilter that can producer single or double shots of coffee
  • a 1.2L detachable water tank
  • a steam knob

Basically, this thing makes AMAZING coffee. 

What a better way to start the morning than to make your very own at home and save $$ on the expensive coffee at every cafe. 


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