Eating Fried Potatoes Can Lead To An Early Death & We’re DEVO


Eating Fried Potatoes Can Lead To An Early Death & We’re DEVO

Look, a good roast ‘tato is about as good as life can get when you’re after a scrumptious meal.

My late, beloved Grandma used to make the BEST roast potatoes on the planet (don’t even try to challenge me on this), so to hear the news that ‘fried potatoes could be linked to early death’ is just the tip of the iceberg for my stressful morning... 


Of course, the study hasn’t said that we’re going to be immediately struck down by a bolt of lightning for eating the odd fried taters. 

According to a 2017 study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who eat fried potatoes two or more times per week DOUBLE their risks of an early death. 

Been chowing down on a little too much fast food lately? Might want to stop…

Dr. Nicole Veronese, the study’s lead author, explained that, "Fried potatoes consumption is increasing worldwide.”

The study looked at 4,440 participants between 45 to 79 over eight years. During this period, 236 passed away and researchers discovered that those who ate fried potatoes two or three times a week actually doubled their chance of an earlier death, in comparison to those who did not. 

Things like sex and age didn’t affect these results. 

"Even if it is an observational study, we believe that the cooking oil, rich in trans-fat, is an important factor in explaining mortality in those eating more potatoes."


If a good roast potato helps me remember the good times with my late Grandma, I’m going to keep enjoying them... in moderation. 


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