Declutter Your Wardrobe In Less Than Five Minutes

Everyone could do with a declutter hack!

Declutter Your Wardrobe In Less Than Five Minutes

We are all a little guilty of pushing certain clothes aside, thinking we'll wear them one day… but when is ‘one day’?

If you’re adopting the ‘New Year New Me’ motto for 2018 then this is the ultimate wardrobe hack which will have you sorted in no time.

Professional home organiser Anita Birges from Mise en Place demonstrated her “Reverse Hanger Hack” and it will change your life in less than five minutes.

1. Reset

Organise all your clothes onto hangers and reverse them so that the open part of the hanger faces out towards you.  

2. Timer

Set yourself a timer or calendar reminder for 6 months’ time to recheck your hangers.

3. Replace

Then from now on, every day you wear clothes from your wardrobe hanger replace them on the rail with the opposite side facing you (which we all usually do!)

4. Sell, Donate or Swap!

Then in six months’ time, on the *dot*, remove all the hangers which have not been turned around. Donate, sell or just pass on these items because if you haven’t bothered to even get them off the rack for 6 months you probably never will!


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