Coles Worker’s Angry Rant To Anyone Who Buys Tuna

Are YOU guilty of this?

Coles Worker’s Angry Rant To Anyone Who Buys Tuna Coles

Are you one of those people that buys a tonne of tuna from Coles?

Or likes to sort through all the neat piles for the right can, then change your mind, and put it back messily?

Well, this Coles worker has something he wants you to hear…

A customer at a Perth Coles store has shared a photo online (on Facebook) of a note a Coles worker left for all store patrons in the ‘Tuna section’ of the shop. 

The ‘work-experience’ guy sticky-taped the typed note to one of the Tuna displays, going HAM on anyone who liked to mess with the neat displays. 

“Dear customer,” he began. 

“I am a visitor from work experience in Coles."

He then went on to explain his problem: he doesn't want anyone to touch the tuna, because he made it all spick and span and tidied the mess it usually is!

He then proceeded to give customers some rules to stick to, including:

- Take one can at a time and don't mess up the order. 

- If you're not actually going to buy the can of tuna, DON'T pick it up. 

One thing was clear - you DO NOT mess with the tuna and its neat display.

We repeat - DO NOT mess with the tuna, folks.

Looks like shoppers better watch out.