Celebrities Rally Behind Bullied Boy After His Emotional Video Goes Viral

His video broke everyone's heart!

Celebrities Rally Behind Bullied Boy After His Emotional Video Goes Viral Kimberley Jones Facebook / Marvel

Over the weekend, a woman in Tennessee, U.S.A posted a video of her son after he was bullied by his schoolmates and now, celebrities from all over the world are rallying behind him!

Kimberly Jones posted a video of her son Keaton on Facebook which showed him emotionally telling his mother about being bullied by his schoolmates and asking her why they had done it.


This is something that many children face on a daily basis and in an effort to tell Keaton, and other children in his situation, that bullying is wrong and that it won't last forever, a variety of stars have reached out to him.

Avengers star Mark Ruffalo, who plays The Hulk, aka Bruce Banner, in the franchise, told Keaton on Twitter that he too was bullied as a kid and that he's his "own personal super hero" now:


Stranger Things actress Milly Bobby-Brown, who is only 13, agreed with his sentiments and asked why children bully one another in her own heartfelt message:


Mark Hamill, who is more commonly known as Luke Skywalker, told Keaton to not worry about the bullies because "they're sad people who think hurting others will make them feel better because they don't like themselves":


Snoop Dogg (or Lion?) even reached out over Instagram telling Keaton that "U gotta friend in me for life":


But the biggest gesture, seemed to come from Chris Evans, who plays American patriot Captain America in the Avengers films.

Chris took to Twitter to personally invite Keaton and his mother to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere in Los Angeles next year:


To everyone who is or has been bullied at school, do know that it gets better. 

Soon, you'll find people who love you for who you are and will stand by you, no matter what.

It may sound cheesy, but as someone who was bullied in school, I know how important the message is so kids like Keaton, don't feel alone.

We're with you too, Keaton!