Bad News: You’re Never Going To Want To Eat Birthday Cake AGAIN


Bad News: You’re Never Going To Want To Eat Birthday Cake AGAIN

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment.

We ALL love birthday cake. It’s like the only time where we can feast upon delicious cake without judgement from anyone. 

We all wish that we could have birthday cake every gosh darn day, but, you know, everything in moderation… 

So we are all wanting to DENY DENY DENY all of the news we have just heard, that has come out of a study that reveals some nasty stuff about birthday cakes and germs… 


Well all gross out when someone blows out their candles and it seems like spit comes out, but it turns out that even when it’s not that gross the amount of germs on the cake are INSANE. 

Researchers from Clemson University in South Carolina revealed that when someone blows out their candles, the amount of bacteria on the cake’s icing increases by 14 times!

That’s a 1400% increase…


To find out how many germs end up on the icing, the research team put frosting on a piece of foil atop a cake-shaped piece of styrofoam, then put candles on top.

To simulate a party and stimulate their salivary glands, the group ate pizza beforehand, then the candles were lit and blown out. 

The team then counted the bacteria on the icing by diluting the frosting into sterilised water, before putting it onto agar plated for all the bacteria to grow. 

They then determined that each blow resulted in different types of bacteria and that one person blowing out candles can cause the icing to grow 14 times as much bacteria... YUCK!


The team’s head researcher Dr Dawson revealed to Daily Mail that despite this news, we should all still be a-okay to eat birthday cake if someone is blowing out the candles, as our mouths already harbour bacteria and this isn’t a common form of diseases spreading. 

However, if someone is really sick and blowing out the candles, think twice!

We’re all for looking out for our health… but how could we turn down birthday cake?!

Guess we better just be the one blowing out the candles every time, and save the cake for ourselves!