Bad News For Couples If You Hate Your Girlfriend’s Friends

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Bad News For Couples If You Hate Your Girlfriend’s Friends

Every relationship is different and we all have ways in which we can improve, but it turns out that there is one huge factor that could determine how long your relationship will last and it has got everything to do with whether your boyfriend likes the friends you have. 

A new study has revealed that couples are twice as likely to divorce if the husband does not approve of the friends his wife has. 


However, whether a wife approves of her husband’s friends does not have an affect on whether their marriage will survive. 

According to the study, women are less willing to give up the friends they have, despite their partner’s view of them. 

On the other hand, men are more likely to give up their friends for their wife. 

It is believed that the fact a woman is more likely to discuss relationship problems with their friends has an increased impact on such problems and the decisions made as a consequence. 

The researchers behind the study from Adelphi University conducted the study of 400 couples across America, over a 16-year period, comparing divorce risks with the couple’s view of their partner’s friends. 

The researchers wrote in the Journal Of Social And Personal Relationships, "Wives may turn to friends for solutions to problems, including marital issues, and their husbands may perceive these social interactions as interfering in their marriage if they do not fully approve of these friends.

"Although having a larger support network can be beneficial, merging two separate sets of family and friends can be a challenging process for couples."

 The study concluded that the more a husband disliked their partner’s friendship circle, the further the risk of divorce increased over the years. 

Communication is key in ensuring couples can resolve any issues they have, to prevent any long term problems.

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