Baby Bump Pool Floats Exist & Preggo Mums Are Cheering!


Baby Bump Pool Floats Exist & Preggo Mums Are Cheering! Peanut

Are you a pregnant woman or mum who knows the struggles that come along with having a baby bump?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you - because pool floats with baby bump holes in them now exist and it’s going to make the warmer months AMAZING for you. 

Parenting app Peanut launched new pool floats specifically for pregnant women, so they can enjoy time in the pool even more. 

A spokesperson from the company revealed, "We've seen lots of mamas-to-be talking on Peanut about how much you miss being able to lie on your fronts. So, we made something just for you! Introducing, Peanut Pregnancy Floats!”

The company is giving the floats away to members of their app, so head here if you’re wanting one! 

First there were pool floats with holes for our boobs in them and now this brilliant creation exists!


Do you know someone who could use one of these?

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