Australian Baby Born Almost Twice The Size Of A Regular Newborn!

His mother was very surprised!

Australian Baby Born Almost Twice The Size Of A Regular Newborn!

A mother in Melbourne has given birth to a baby boy who is probably one of the biggest newborns in Victoria!

Teuaililo Ala gave birth to her son Maoama Ala on Tuesday and was very surprised to see that he weighed a whopping 6.3kgs!

His parents were unable to wrap nappies around him and he fit none of the clothes that they had pre-packed for him.

Maoama was born via caesarean section at 39 weeks after doctors became concerned about his size, according to Teuaililo.

She told the Herald Sun that soon initially, they thought he was a lot smaller.

“They did scans and said he was a big baby, so they booked me in for a caesarean, but at the time they thought he was about 4kg.

"When he came out I was very surprised."


When he was born, Maoama weighed 6.3kgs and the average baby born in Australia only weights around 3.3kgs.

The boy broke a record at the Sunshine Hospital, becoming the largest baby born at the hospital by 90 grams.

Maoama has three siblings and Teuaililo said that when they wee born, they were nowhere near the size of their new baby brother.

"The other children are really looking forward to having a baby in the house again.

"They are so excited they are talking about taking turns staying home from school to look after him."

The baby boy is happy and healthy, sleeping and feeding well.