Apparently Pizza Can Help You LOSE Weight


Apparently Pizza Can Help You LOSE Weight

It’s the new year and we’re sure a lot of you have the New Year’s resolution of getting fit and losing a few kilos, so you might be VERY shocked to learn the findings of a new study. 

According to a new study from Portugal, pizza can help you LOSE weight. 


We should mention that this isn’t as simple as eating lots of is and losing weight because of it.

Men’s Health reported on the study, which found that those who allow themselves to indulge while dieting are more likely to stick to their diets, and in turn lose weight!

People who had whatever food they wanted on a Sunday felt more motivated to keep going with their diet/exercise goals. 

So while pizza alone might not help you lose weight, having a cheat day and tasty treat like pizza will!

Everything in moderation, folks!


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