A REAL-Life Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Is Almost Here!

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A REAL-Life Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Is Almost Here! Warner Bros.

We’ve all daydreamed about having our own Invisibility Cloak, just like Harry Potter did, but technology wasn’t exactly up to speed with our imaginations. 

Well, that may no longer be the case, because scientists are working on a REAL invisibility cloak and we’re jumping with joy. 


It’s called a spectral cloak and works in the daylight and night time, with the results of the device being published in Optica.  

Canada-based research leader, José Azaña, said, “Our work represents a breakthrough in the quest for invisibility cloaking.”

In a new approach, these scientists are looking at ways of altering light waves going through an object, instead of bouncing off them. 

Researcher Luis Romero Cortes revealed, “Conventional cloaking solutions rely on altering the path of light around the object to be concealed.”

“Our proposal avoids this by allowing the wave to travel through the target object rather than around it.”

(If the object is green) this means the cloak turns another lighter colour, like blue, as it goes through a green object. 

On the other side, the colour reverts to green so the view isn’t distorted to the human eye. 


This breakthrough new technology means scientists could one day make objects invisible from EVERY direction. 

Looks like our dream of owning an invisibility cloak could soon come true...


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