4 Super Fancy Advent Calendars For People Who Are Over Chocolate

Makeup, candles, jewellery and skincare!

4 Super Fancy Advent Calendars For People Who Are Over Chocolate The Body Shop /Mecca / ASOS

December is getting closer and closer and so if you're an advent calendar person, it's time for you to get cracking and pick which advent calendar you're going to use to countdown to Christmas!

Now, the big question.

Are you an advent calendar person, but don't really want to be chomping down on chocolate everyday?

It may sound like a strange question because everyone likes chocolate, right?

Well, not everyone wants to eat chocolate for 25 days straight, and not everyone wants to have a beer or a wine for 25 days straight either... so what do we have left?

We have four VERY fancy advent calendars that will spruce up your home, jewellery collection and makeup cupboard. 

That's what we have left!

If you don't feel like chocolate or a sneaky beverage, check out these four epic advent calendars that you can purchase right now!:

The Mecca Spectacular

Image: Mecca

Mecca has been killing it lately by expanding their skincare and makeup collections. This year, if you're fan of Mecca's goodies, you can purchase The Mecca Spectacular advent calendar and get a mini treat every day until Christmas! In this calendar you'll find a mini To Save Face SPF 30+, Lip De Luscious, Clean Slate Micellar Water, a mini eyelash curler and a whole lot more!

Dyptique Advent Calendar

Image: Mecca

Okay, this one doesn't have a fancy name, but it DOES have a fancy price tag! If you have a spare $570 lying around, you can grab Diptyque's Advent Calendar and fill your house with a new scent every day. These Parisian candles have a MASSIVE cult following and smell delicious, so if you'd rather have your house smelling like France, then this is the calendar for you!

Johnny Loves Rosie Advent Calendar

Image: ASOS

For those jewellery fiends out there, here's a new advent calendar that gives you a beautiful piece of delicate jewellery during your Christmas countdown! Johnny Loves Rosie creates amazing jewellery that goes with everything and imagine getting a new bracelet, necklace or ring for 25 days straight! You'd feel like a princess...

25 Days Of Game Changing Advent-ures Deluxe Advent Calendar

Image: The Body Shop

We love The Body Shop because not only are they against animal testing, they also stock some of the nicest smelling products EVER! Natural is the way to go guys and with their new advent calendar, you can receive 25 mini products for 25 days and pamper yourself throughout December! You'll find Shea Butter, Almond Hand Cream, Lily Cream Bath and a whole bunch of other goodies hidden in there.. hoo boy!