Why Does Iced Coffee Cost More Than Hot Coffee?

Should we pay more?

Why Does Iced Coffee Cost More Than Hot Coffee?

We’ve all asked this question at one point or another - how come a cold version of the same drink costs so much more? Are we paying extra for ice? 

Turns out there is little more to it than that. 

The first reason comes down to packaging. 

The plastic cups and straws that are used for iced coffees are a lot pricier than the standard hot takeaway cup (which are not recyclable btw). 


Flavour infusing can also crank up the price. 

Many iced coffees are infused with a shot of flavour like vanilla or hazelnut to enhance the taste when it gets watered down by ice. 

Oh yes, and the ice! Chances are, the establishment you’re buying from probably has a very pricey ice-machine to maintain. 


Another reason could be that the coffee is made via the cold-brew process. 

Fast Company states that “Cold-brew is made by grinding beans coarsely, having them sit in room-temperature water overnight, and then filtering the grinds out to produce cold-brew concentrate. This extract is then cut with water to make what we know as iced coffee,” and is not only a costly process, but a time consuming one. 


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