We're All Heating Up Leftover Pizza WRONG

Treat your pizza with dignity.

We're All Heating Up Leftover Pizza WRONG

Pizza is love. 

Pizza is life. 

So of course you want to treat it with some respect and handle it the RIGHT way. 

But it turns out that we haven’t exactly been doing this… we have been heating our beloved leftovers up the wrong way!

Most of us will just pop it in the microwave or oven, right?

Well, there is an even better way that will ensure you are preserving its dignity!

The secret technique to reheating pizza was shared on Reddit a while ago (provided by Roberta’s pizzeria in New York) and discovered by The Sun, and it involves pan-frying!

According to the instructions, you should heat your pizza on low-to-medium heat in a non-stick fry pan. 

You leave it for two minutes and when the bottom is crispy you put two droplets of water in the pan (but away from the pizza!) and reduce to a lower heat. 


Then! Put a lid over the pan and let it steam for a minute. 

This is supposed to give you the best slice ever! It should be a nice moist crust, crispy bottom and the cheese will be perfectly melted!

We are trying this ASAP!