Unbutton Your Pants: Domino’s Drops Brand New Mouth Watering "Extreme" Desserts

There's always room for dessert!

Unbutton Your Pants: Domino’s Drops Brand New Mouth Watering "Extreme" Desserts Supplied.

While you may be stuffed to the gills after chowing down on your usual pizza order, something tells us that you'll be able to make room for this new dessert from Domino's. 

Domino's has been our go-to pizza joint for years, but it looks like dessert companies will have to start watching their back for the pizza giants as well! 

The franchise has added a new line-up of drool-worthy desserts that are delicious enough to even make Gwenyth Paltrow sneak a taste. 

Combining their already-popular desserts of churros, choc fudge brownies, and thickshakes, Domino's has their very own extreme shakes and ice cream sandwiches. 

Domino's Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said that the team purposely went on a mission to create the most over-the-top desserts as possible. 

"Austalians have a sweet tooth - when we launched Thickshakes the response was amazing, and customers told us they wanted more.

"When our customers choose to indulge with a dessert, they want to go all out, with rich flavours, and quality ingredients that don't leave you wanting more - our extreme desserts are giving our customers more of what they want," he said. 

And as for the ingredient involved in these "extreme" desserts... well, we suggest you only read on if you're free to go and buy one right now - because your sweet tooth is about to sing!

"With our Choc Churro Crazy Shake for example, we've combined three different desserts into one, and with our Choc Lava Super Shake, we've added our most popular ever dessert, the Choc Lava Cake, into a Thickshake.

"We're also launching ice cream sandwiches, and (for the brave) double ice cream sandwiches, which combine all-natural ice cream and a Dutch waffle." 

Hungry yet?