Turns Out Coconut Oil Is Bad For You & We Don't Know How To Take This

Say it ain't so!

Turns Out Coconut Oil Is Bad For You & We Don't Know How To Take This

Image: NBC / coconutoil.com

Coconut Oil is a real 'hero' food (will the MasterChef fans please stand up!).

People use it for cooking, to smooth down frizzy hair, to remove makeup, to moisturise.... basically, this stuff is heavenly.

Cooking is by far the most popular way people choose to use coconut oil though, even Pete Evans swears by it, but new research suggests that it's not as healthy as we thought!

The American Heart Association has completed a study that suggests that eating coconut oil is just as bad as eating regular animal fat, if not, worse!


As the AHA explain in their 'Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease' report, 82% of coconut oil is saturated fat aka the fat that dietitians and basically everyone else in the world says you should steer clear of.

With such a high content of saturated fat, it means that coconut oil is actually worse for you than pork lard, which only has 39% of saturated fat.


Coconut oil is considered a 'tropical oil' and these babies are notoriously high in fat.

Lisa Renn, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, says that you should switch back to regular canola or olive oil for cooking.

"Those in favour of coconut oil claim that it is made up of medium-chain fatty acids which are carbon chain length 10-12 and don’t increase cholesterol.

"Coconut oil is primarily lauric acid (C12), so it appears to be in the medium chain fat group, but the definition of short and medium chain fatty acids is less than carbon chain length 12.

"Lauric acid is a saturated fat that does increase your LDL or bad cholesterol and also the good cholesterol, therefore, it has the potential to increase your heart disease risk." 

So may just stick to putting coconut oil in your hair, if that's your jam.