This Is The One Thing You Should Never Do With Your Eggs!


This Is The One Thing You Should Never Do With Your Eggs!

How do you like your eggs? Do you like them boiled, fried, scrambled or mixed into an omelette?

Some people think that boiling your eggs in the microwave is a bit quicker than boiling them in a pot but even though it might save you time, it's definitely not the best thing for you!

Not too long ago, a man in the U.S sued a restaurant after a boiled egg he was served exploded in his mouth!


It was later found that the egg was, in fact, cooked in a microwave, which led to scientists to investigate why the egg had exploded in the customer's mouth.

According to IFL Science, researchers started watching videos of eegs exploding before doing more research that discovered that although some eggs didn't pop in the microwave, they did pop after they'd been taken out of the appliance and prodded.

IFL Science cooked their eggs in a container of water and believe that the yolk may have been the cause of the explosion.

"[The study] found that in both the exploded eggs and those that didn’t explode, the yolk’s temperature was much higher than the surrounding water.

"This suggests the yolk is more receptive to the microwave radiation than pure water.

"This may be due to the protein in the egg trapping pockets of water in the yolk, which are then superheated well above the boiling temperature of tap water.

"When these pockets are disturbed, either by poking the egg or biting into it, they all boil in a chain reaction and explode."

So next time you cook an egg, maybe just use a pot or a pan...