This Is The BEST Milkshake In Australia, So Put It On Your Bucket List

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This Is The BEST Milkshake In Australia, So Put It On Your Bucket List Instagram @ Outback Bakehouse

We’ve all got our fave go-to cafes, restaurants and bars, which we will recommend to everyone. 

Sometimes, no matter how far and wide we go, no matter how many different things we try, the best of the best is often found close to home. 

That’s the case for me, anyway, because I’ve tried milkshake after milkshake wherever I can go… and my heart always comes back to somewhere close to home. 

Take your weird, overly fancy milkshakes, with mason jars covered in chocolate and fairy floss, and give me a simple, yet amazingly delicious milkshake from Australia’s Outback Bakehouse, in the rustic rural town of Windsor in the Hawkesbury, New South Wales


They don’t need to be flashy to make an impression, relying on taste alone, and come in your fave flavours: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel, banana, lime and Malt. 

My fave? Banana.

It is sensational. 


While I could rant to everyone in the whole world about these milkshakes, it’s not just the beverage alone that makes this a special place. 

The ladies that run the shop have the exact attitude we all dream about when it comes to working life. We all want to be able to love the jobs we have - for these ladies, the bakehouse is “their happy place,” as they like to tell me time and time again when I drop by. 

They love their jobs and the little family they’ve got going on so much that their enthusiasm is infectious. 


Their pies are award winning, their sweet treats are to die for, their coffee is always perfect, and they’ve got a whole range of gluten-friendly options, too!

Everything is baked and made FRESH each day. 


No matter how many fancy new places I walk past in the city, when I’m looking for that old-style signature milkshake to remind me of my childhood days, I will always return here. 

If you’re keen to try something new, or are a foodie flying to NSW sometimes soon and need some places to try out, then this is the place for you. 



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