The World’s Largest Avocado Has Landed In Australia

Avo-go of this

The World’s Largest Avocado Has Landed In Australia Nine News Sydney

There are some days when they just go past like any other days… and then there are days when dreams and miracles come true, like today.

Aussie lovers of avocado are celebrating across the country today, after giant "avozillas" finally went on sale in Australia.

If you haven’t heard of the avozilla before, you are about to have your whole life changed.

An average avozilla is literally five times the size of your average avocado and weighs between 1.2 and 1.8 kilograms.

Literally smashed avo for dayssss.

The avozilla is a cross of two species of avocado, the giant, watery West Indian and the smaller, buttery Guatemalan.

It is believed to taste the same as a Shepard or a Hass.. but tbh, would we even care what it tastes like... look at it!


The fruit was first found in South Africa, but now, thankfully for us the Groves family from Bungundarra in Central Queensland have become the first people in Australia to grow a crop.

They currently have over 400 avozilla trees on their property, but an extra 2000 trees have just been planted in Bundaberg!

The retail price at this stage is $12 apiece and it could literally feed your whole street!

This changes the whole avocado game.

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