Someone Is Selling A Rare White Chocolate Creme Egg On Ebay!

The new Caramilk?!

Someone Is Selling A Rare White Chocolate Creme Egg On Ebay! Cadbury

Remember when people were selling blocks of Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate bars on eBay for thousands of dollars? Well, it looks like selling rare chocolate online is the new thing to do if you need some spare cash.

An eBay user has decided to sell his rare White Chocolate Creme Egg on the popular website for $49.99GBP, which is $91.60AUD!

Image: eBay Australia

In January this year, Cadbury in the UK announced that it would be releasing a limited run of these delicious treats and chocolate lovers flooded their local supermarkets to try and get their hands on one.

There are supposedly 371 eggs out in the UK at the moment and according to The Independent, a woman from Luton opened her Creme Egg to find a phone number to call.

The woman called the number and found out that she had won $1000 so, of course, people started to look for a White Chocolate Creme Egg even harder.

Will this Creme Egg have a winning phone number inside of its wrapper?

Will this urge a wave of White Chocolate Creme Egg fans to petition for Cadbury here in Australia to release a limited run of the treats?

Only time will tell...


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