Skittles’ Mother’s Day Commercial Is Beyond Disturbing

Me no likey.

Skittles’ Mother’s Day Commercial Is Beyond Disturbing

Image credit: skittlespage / YouTube 

Mother's Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to grab a pack of Skittles, sit down, and watch this deeply disturbing commercial?

No matter what kind of relationship it is you have with your mum, Mother's Day represents the one day of the year when we appreciate them for all they're worth - you know, whether you two are fairly distant, thick as thieves, or you know... as close as these two in Skittles' new ad. 

Now, we would hate to spoil anything for you... so we're just going to go ahead and leave this here: 


Well, according to the ad's YouTube description, "nothing brings a mom and her children close together like Skittles."

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