San Churro Will Now Feed All Of Your Vegan Friends With Their New Autumn Menu!

It's about time!

San Churro Will Now Feed All Of Your Vegan Friends With Their New Autumn Menu! San Churro / Supplied

How many times have you craved San Churro, but have had to bypass it because one of your friends is vegan? Or felt awful about indulging in their delicious chocolatey ice cream sundaes whilst your vegan friends nibble on nothing...

Luckily, San Churro has heard your cries of sadness and has now introduced a new autumn menu that features 24 new vegan desserts!

While you munch down an ice cream sundae filled with chocolate and churros, your vegan friends can indulge in The Happy Vegan: a churro bowl rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with salted caramel and honeycomb gelato that's PETA-approved and topped with dark chocolate, Oreos and fresh strawberries!

Image: Supplied / San Churro

San Churro has always made vegan-friendly churros, but the new menu items will give vegans across the country the chance to try some of the restaurant's most mouth-watering desserts!

One new item that will win over your entire crew is the Cookie Butter Churros, which are churros filled with a caramel-spiced cookie filling.

Every new item is PETA approved with their Head of Campaigns, Mimi Bekhechi, saying "San Churro's delectable vegan treats make it easy to indulge your sweet tooth whilst also being sweet to animals.

"Offering plant-based dessert options is a piece of cake, and forward-thinking businesses such as San Churro who are listening to their customers and introducing tasty vegan options are reaping the rewards."

The entire autumn menu will be available from San Churro's across the country on April 10, so prepare yourselves!

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