People Have Lost It Over This Photo Of Nutella's Separated Ingredients

We just don’t know how to feel...

People Have Lost It Over This Photo Of Nutella's Separated Ingredients

There is a photo going viral online that lists what actually goes into a jar of Nutella and well… it is putting people off the beloved spread.

The photo comes after there were reports that Nutella is unsafe and can cause cancer.

The makers of Nutella, Ferrero, instantly hit back at the claims and revealed that it is 100% safe.

The pic was posted on Reddit over 4 days ago and has already received over 1500 comments and been shared almost 30,000 times.

People have been shocked at the amount of sugar that goes into one jar… and not to mention the fact that it contains a lot of palm oil.

Prepare yourself.


Some people have even said they will never eat it again...

And someone on Reddit wrote, “I feel like this was originally made to show how bad it is for you but I literally couldn’t give any less sh*ts what’s in Nutella. I will continue to eat it with a spoon.”

We guess we all have mixed feelings on the situation.

Nutella’s website says the sugar content is 56.8g per 100g serving, or 56.8%.

Other ingredients in the jar are skimmed milk powder, hazelnuts, cocoa powder and the controversial palm oil.


The official company statement reads:

"One of Ferrero’s core nutritional beliefs is that small portion sizes help people to enjoy their favourite foods in moderation. The labelling on Nutella provides simple and clear nutritional information per 15g portion, or two heaped teaspoons, as well as per 100g.

"The ingredients are also listed on the Nutella website. The labelling on all our products enables consumers to make informed choices and helps ensure that Nutella can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet."

Well… there you go.

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Image Credit: Reddit/MrFlow