Nutella Have Some New 'Cheeky' Jars Available For A Limited Time Only!

Have you got one?

Nutella Have Some New 'Cheeky' Jars Available For A Limited Time Only! Supplied

Do you know how much of an impact your morning routine has on the rest of your day?

The guys over at Nutella HQ have done some research and they've found out a lot of interesting stuff!

According to their research, 21 per cent of people are more likely to have a bad day if they’re woken up earlier than expected, whether it's by an alarm or someone giving you a wake up call...


67 per cent of Aussies wake up in a good mood, be it happy (40%), loved (5%) or even inspired (6%) and interestingly, it is more so females that wake up feeling loved (76% vs 24%).


Now, 72 per cent of Aussies will choose to eat breakfast at home before heading off on their day and so, Nutella has created a bunch of new limited edition jars to help pick up your morning mood!

The Morning Mood Jars have a mood to suit everyone in the morning!

Whether you're feeling happy, smiley, awesome, cheeky, legendary, fabulous, inspired, grumpy or loved, there's a jar for you!


These puppies are on shelves RIGHT NOW as well, so if you know someone who gets a bit grumpy in the mornings and needs a bit of a pick-me-up, why not grab them a jar?!

Because seriously, who could be grumpy when they're having Nutella for breakfast?!?


Take a look at all of the emotions here and see which one suits your morning self!

Anyone else feel like some Nutella right now?