Maccas Is Serving PIZZA & Can Australia Be Next?!


Maccas Is Serving PIZZA & Can Australia Be Next?! McDonald's

We all love our late night Maccas runs with our mates, and those fond memories might be about to get a lot better… so long as Australia follows suit in this new McDonald’s development. 

It turns out that one McDonald’s store around the globe is serving pizza on their menu, and we feel a deep injustice that Australia isn’t doing the same. 

A Maccas store in Florida is now serving the McPizza and U.S customers are loving it… 


You can customise your beloved pizza to match your heart’s desires and can even order a McPasta too. 

The Florida store, which stretches over 18,000 square feet, actually is home to a lot of menu items which aren’t found in other regular stores.

Sounds like heaven? 



It’ll set you back around $8 for a pizza with three toppings and delicious mozzarella cheese. 


We know that we could always just dial Dominos or Pizza Hut, but we could also just pop through drive thru, get a tonne of fries and shakes, plus some pizza too… all in the same place. 

Or even order pizza from ALL THREE stores and have a mates night in, deciding which is best.

That sounds like a brilliant idea...