Iced Coffee-Flavoured Tim Tams Exist Now, So There Goes Your Diet!

We're fully serious!

Iced Coffee-Flavoured Tim Tams Exist Now, So There Goes Your Diet! Arnott's

What do you get when you mix Arnott's iconic Tim Tams with Gelato Messina's best flavours? Heaven on earth, that's what!

Last year, Gelato Messina collaborated with Arnott's to create those mouth-watering Choc Mint, Black Forest, Salted Caramel & Vanilla and Coconut & Lychee flavoured Tim Tams, and this year, they've just raised the bar with some intense new flavours!

For a limited time only, when you head to the supermarket, you can grab your self three new Tim Tam flavours and they sound AMAZING!

First, we have the Iced Coffee-flavoured Tim Tams, for those who need an extra hit with their morning coffee but just can't handle another shot of coffee in their cups...

Then, we have Choc Cherry & Coconut, which is basically a Cherry Ripe with a bit of biscuit mixed into it, really...

And finally, we have Turkish Delight, for those crazy kids who enjoy gelatine in icing sugar!

As you can see on the packaging, you must chill these bad boys to taste them at their full capacity, but also, the packaging will change colour to reveal a wonderful winter-y image, which is pretty cool, even though it's summer...

The new range will be on supermarket shelves from February 18, and will set you back an easy $3.65, so make room in your fridge, guys!