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Everyone’s Going Bonkers Over Smith’s Garlic Bread Chips

Garlic bread = life

Everyone’s Going Bonkers Over Smith’s Garlic Bread Chips Smith's Chips

Garlic bread is love. Garlic bread is life. 

So, when we all came across a photo of Smith’s GARLIC BREAD-flavoured chips while scrolling through our social media feeds, well, life never seemed more perfect. 

The new Limited Edition Smith’s flavour, thought to be in collab with Pizza Hut, is definitely outside the box, capitalising on our love for the yummy bread. 

We already go bonkers over garlic bread in its many forms and variations, but this is some next level snacking. 

Here at Scoopla and across the Hit Network, we have tried to hunt these chips down like Woody Harrelson hunts down Twinkies in Zombieland… and have not. found. any. 

The disappointment is real. 

Some people have tried the chips already and are gushing about them, while we’re over here wondering what treasure map we have to steal to find these Limited Edition packets. 

Have YOU found these beauties somewhere in Australia?!

Let us know where & we’ll surely be stampeding there in a mass crowd. 


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