Doughnut Fries Exist & We Desperately Need Them

Get in our mouth!

Doughnut Fries Exist & We Desperately Need Them Instagram @ The Doughnut Bar

We all love doughnuts. We all love fries. 

Put those two beauties together and you’re about to witness one of the most beautiful creations: doughnut fries. 

That’s right, two of your fave foods had a baby and if you didn’t know these existed already, then we think you’ve been living under a rock. 


These gems are rising to the surface again, with U.S chain DunkinDonuts bringing them out as a new item to devour!

While we may not be in the U.S, we DO have our own infamous doughnut fries here in the great land of Aus that put these ones to shame. 

Brisbane store The Doughnut Bar has been whipping up these bad boys for a while now and they’ve recently dropped a new flavour - Kit Kat Fries!


The doughnut fries are baked to order and loaded with Milo Malt-chocolate double swirl soft serve, Kit Kats, wafers, and chocolate sauce… all exclusive to Eat Street North Shore

If that’s not enough to make you plan a vacation to Queensland ASAP, then we don’t know what will ever get you out of the house...


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