Domino’s Menu Is Getting A Revamp & We Know What Takeaway We’re Getting This Weekend!


Domino’s Menu Is Getting A Revamp & We Know What Takeaway We’re Getting This Weekend! Dominos

For years, Domino's has been the go-to for family takeaway night, late night drunken pizza runs, and on some occasions... date night.

Now, 35 years after maintaining the title of one of Australia's favourite fast-food pizza joints, Domino's has decided to expand their menu... to items other than pizza! 

“Our menu is always evolving and that’s super exciting,” Domino’s chief digital officer Michael Gillespie told "[Domino's] isn't just pizza anymore." 

As for what's coming... hold on tight and prepare to all of a sudden get extremely hungry! 


Yep, pizza-flavoured-filled sandwiches! 

“We’re trying to enter the lunch market more and while we still do good lunch sales with our value range pizzas and chicken options, more menu items would help that,” Chief Marketing Officer Allan Collins told the publication.

“We’re always looking at ways we can do things with bread. Whether it’s injecting it with flavours, literally, putting spices on top or trying different butters,” he said.

Sundaes & Thickshakes! 

Because... is a meal really a meal if there's no dessert? 

Already on offer are three different flavoured thickshakes: salted caramel, salted caramel with cream and caramel syrup, and malted vanilla!

Domino's is also looking at getting into the sundae market! 

“We’re looking at sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, even those crazy shakes could work for us. We already have the desserts to complement an idea like that,” Mr Collins said.


Yep - not that this is a good idea - but Domino's could potentially be your one-stop-shop for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

“We’re hoping customers give us the credibility and have faith in us but breakfast is really important to us. We’re looking at bacon and egg products and croissants,” Mr Collins continued.

Okay, sorry but we need all of this to happen right now. In the meantime, BRB, while we order a pizza!