Did Deliveroo Just Pull Off The Most Epic Aprils Fools Of All Time?

EXTREME delivery...

Did Deliveroo Just Pull Off The Most Epic Aprils Fools Of All Time?

Image Credit: Deliveroo.

We all know how great Deliveroo is when it comes to saving our butts when we've forgotten our home-made lunch and are getting a bit hangry at work. 


Well, the food-delivery service has just stepped up their LOL-game majorly to present us with a brand spanking new delivery method... that has us naming them the winner of April Fools Day, and it's only the morning!

Today, as the company wants to tell us, marks the launch of Deliveroo's Extreme Delivery

That's right, EXTREME. 

Take a look. 


Basically, the concept is that food delivery has been taken to new heights and will find its way to you via the epic skills of a XXX-esque stunt pro. 

While we're happy with our food getting to us via someone on a bike, we seriously wish this idea was legit, because what a fun job that would be! Food would literally be coming down from the heavens above. 

The delivery concept engages skydivers and would mean you don't have to live in a certain region to get bike-delivery... 'coz a plane can go anywhere!

In a media release, the company has described the purpose of their idea as being able to deliver "its mouth-watering burgers to locations off the beaten track, traditionally considered unreachable or outside the bike-fleet delivery zone."

Deliveroo Country Manager, Levi Aron, has commented, saying, “This was a natural progression for Deliveroo, with new technologies and the ever-growing consumer need for convenience, it was only a matter of time before we started delivering food from above."


Deliveroo teamed up with Melbourne's Huxtaburger to shock us with their epic idea and we are in awe, because JOKES aside, this is pretty darn awesome. 

It may be April 1st but Deliveroo is even calling for all future Deliveroo-divers to register their interest by emailing: Flair.Loops@deliveroo.com.au .

We're not sure we're that adventurous just yet. 

As a side note: imagine the delivery fee...