Coffee Comes In A Waffle Cone Now Because Life Is Grand

How brilliant!

Coffee Comes In A Waffle Cone Now Because Life Is Grand

Image: @coffeeinaconeaus Instagram

Tired of having your coffee served to you in a fancy ceramic cup?

Do you think that those cardboard takeaway coffee cups are just so overrated?

Well, we have some VERY good news for you.

You can now buy your coffee in an ice cream cone!


Coffee In A Cone has just launched in Sydney and Victoria and honestly, we didn't think miracles like this could still happen.

If you're worried about your precious caffeine falling out of your cone, you'll be happy to know that there is a thick layer of chocolate sealing your beverage in place.

Although the coffee will stay in place, you'll only have about 10 minutes to drink it before the cone dwindles away into a soggy mess, so you'll have to drink quickly!


Now you might be thinking, why is Coffee In A Cone a thing now?

Well, cone distributor Chris Lewis-Enright of Enright Foods says it's just coffee's natural step up.

"It's the ultimate pleasure.

"Everyone loves wafers, chocolate, coffee: it just makes sense."


Coffee In A Cone is actually the brainchild of South African barista Dayne Levinrad who has been selling cones in South Africa, Europe, Canada and Hong Kong. 

The cones cost about $6 - $6.50 each and are being sold at selected cafes in New South Wales and Victoria.

Keep your eyes peeled the next batch.