Cadbury Has Launched Its First Delivery Service, Just In Time For Christmas!

Christmas is sorted!

Cadbury Has Launched Its First Delivery Service, Just In Time For Christmas!

When you want to brighten up someone's day, or say thank you to someone for something they did, or just for being so amazing every single day, what do you give them? Chocolate, duh!

But what do you do if you don't have time to head down to the supermarket and buy that box of Favourites, or that block of Dairy Milk that you know they love?

If this has been a dilemma for you before then we have some good news for you!

Cadbury has just launched their very first online store for Australian customers where you can buy single blocks of chocolate or massive chocolate hampers for your family and friends and have them delivered straight to their door! 


The gifts suit any occasion but if you're struggling to think of what you'd like to send someone on Valentine's Day or Christmas, you can select the relevant holiday, or just 'Thank You' from a menu and the website will show you the best gifts for that occasion!

How easy is that?!

Every variety of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate is available on the website including Dark Milk and the Vanilla Oreo flavours and the hampers, well, they're just chock full of chocolate!

If you know an avid baker, you can send them the Cadbury Baking Hamper, which is filled with cooking chocolate:


Or, if you're looking for something to send someone this festive season, you can send them a Favourites Fun Pack that comes with a box of Favourites, a block of Dairy Milk, a Vanilla Oreo chocolate bar AND an adorable teddy bear:

If you're sifting through the hampers and want to change a few things (what if the person you're sending chocolate to likes Cherry Ripes better than the Vanilla Oreo bar, but still would LOVE the teddy bear?), you can customise your orders so that your gifts suit absolutely everyone!

Every purchase comes with a personalised note card where a personal message will be written for you before delivery!

Gifts all range from $9.50 to $120, and if you think that's too expensive, just check out what the $120 hampers involve!

That kind of chocolate could last you for months!

Take a look at Cadbury's gift range here and make someone's day with a block of chocolate!