Cadbury Caramilk Bars Are Being Sold On Ebay For A Crazy Amount Because No One Can Find Them!

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Cadbury Caramilk Bars Are Being Sold On Ebay For A Crazy Amount Because No One Can Find Them! Cadbury

Limited edition chocolate bars always tend to send people with a sweet tooth into a frenzy, but this has gone way too far!

People are now selling Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate blocks on Ebay for a ridiculous price because no one can find them anywhere else!

The Caramilk chocolate appeared in Woolworths supermarkets last week and since that first day, no has been able to find them on shelves.

The blocks do appear on the Woolworths website, however, they're not available for online order.


Now though, a pack of seven Caramilk blocks is being sold on Ebay for a whopping $150, which is more than four times the original retail price of the sweet treat.


The Caramilk chocolate, which is a blend of white chocolate and caramel, originally hit shelves in New Zealand over 20 years ago and when it reappeared across the Tasman last year, it sold out across the country in only three weeks.

Cadbury spokesman Paul Chatfield told News Corp that the reason the blocks sold out so quickly was simply because everyone wanted one!

"When Cadbury Caramilk was brought back for a limited time in New Zealand last year, we saw Kiwis selling blocks online to Australian buyers for over $30 a block.

"Given the demand from Aussie consumers, we’ve now brought a limited quantity to Australian retailers and feedback from the first stores to have the block on shelf is that they’re disappearing fast."

A Woolworths spokesperson also told News Corp, that the reason Woolworths was so keen to stock the chocolate, was because they saw how quickly it sold in New Zealand.

"We saw how Aussies responded to the limited run of Cadbury Caramilk available across the Ditch last year, so we jumped at the chance to get hold of stock for our customers this time around."

We've reached out to Cadbury to see if the treats will be returning to Woolworths shelves, so keep your eyes peeled!