Boozy Tea Exists So Why Aren't You Drinking It Already?!

Gin with your tea?

Boozy Tea Exists So Why Aren't You Drinking It Already?! Lifestyle Notion

We all love a good cup of tea in winter because it's the perfect thing to warm you up and it's good for you!

Antioxidants, people!

However, someone's figured out how to make tea even better by dropping a few of our favourite alcoholic beverages into the mix!

Yep, alcoholic tea is here!


Lifestyle Notion have created a line of alcoholic teas to enjoy on winter nights because a glass of whisky is fine... but a glass of tea infused with whisky is even better!

The brand calls their little creations Alcohol Tea Bombs and instead of pouring hot water over these tea bags, all you have to do is pour your beverage of choice over these little bags of flavour, wait ten minutes and then enjoy your very own delicious cocktail!

There are six different flavours to choose from including the 'Don't Apple-ogise' bomb, which is a mixture of apple, cinnamon and orange (mulled wine?!) and the 'Don Draper', which blends cinnamon, star anise, cloves and orange peel.


Basically, it's an old fashioned in a tea bag.


Each package contains ten 100% organic tea bags and you can purchase them either online or from one of their stockists.

Happy sipping!

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