ATTN: Bacon Toasters Now Exist & This Is Another Step For Humankind

This is bacon' us crazy!

ATTN: Bacon Toasters Now Exist & This Is Another Step For Humankind Smart Worldwide / Nine

A new contraption called the Bacon Express Toaster promises to cook your bacon TWICE AS FAST and we are listening!

Launching in the UK by manufacturers SMART, the gadget apparently cooks your bacon with less mess, which sounds way too good to be true because we all know that the sacrifice we make for sweet sweet bacon is a sh*t load of oil splattered about the kitchen and a few burns on the arm.

“This snazzy little device is able to cook up to 6 pieces of bacon in no time at all and what's better, being enclosed means no grease all over the hob or work surface making clean up as easy as 1, 2, 3!”

So how does it work?

“Simply pop in your bacon of choice, turn the dial to the desired amount of crispiness and you'll have tasty bacon in a jiffy!”

And how is it healthier?

“Due to the upright cooking design all the fat and grease run off into the tray at the bottom leaving you with a healthier way to enjoy bacon - bonus!”

Okay we’re done. Sold.

At the moment of writing, the toaster is only available in the UK on, however, this is 2017 and we’re sure they will either a) expand their shipping soon or b) other babies like this will pop up down under soon too!

Adding this baby to the Chrissy wishlist!