Allen's Lollies Has Announced Their New Lolly Flavour As Voted By You!

Prepare your tastebuds!

Allen's Lollies Has Announced Their New Lolly Flavour As Voted By You!

Earlier this month, Allen's Lollies asked YOU, the fans of the iconic Strawberries & Cream and Peaches & Cream lollies to pick which flavour you'd like to see paired with cream next for their Fruit & Cream of the Crop treat!

These two flavours are already mainstays in the Allen's Lollies line-up and you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't like the fruity tangs mixed with the sweetness of cream, but Allen's needed a third flavour and so they asked the people of Australia to help them choose which lolly would hit supermarket shelves in 2018.

Lolly lovers had three delicious flavours to choose from and had to cast their votes to see if Yuzu & Cream, Apple & Cream or Blackberry & Cream would become Australia's next favourite lolly flavour. 

Now, after lolly lovers struggled to decide which new flavour to vote for, Allen's have calculated the votes and announced that Blackberry & Cream was the winner of the Fruit & Cream of the Crop vote!

Blackberry & Cream nabbed 64 per cent of the votes with Apple & Cream coming in second with 22 per cent of votes and Yuzu & Cream coming in third with only 14 per cent of people wanting it added to their Party Mix packs.

The new flavour will make its debut at Woolworths in mid-February when it's added to the new Allen’s Fruits & Cream Mix, which also features the classic Strawberries & Cream and Peaches & Cream, and will only cost on $2.95!

Nestlé General Manager of Confectionery, Martin Brown, said the search to find the Allen’s Fruit & Cream of the Crop showcased the passion of lolly enthusiasts around the country and received more votes than any of their previous flavour votes.

"What better way to decide on a new Allen’s lolly than with the help of the nation! The final addition to the new Allen’s Fruits & Cream Mix has been chosen by our fans – the never-been-tasted, by the public, Blackberry & Cream is sure to put smiles on faces when it arrives in store next month.

"We can’t wait for our lolly lovers to taste this latest flavour in the Allen’s line-up. And no matter how you like to eat your Fruit & Cream – fruit or cream first, or all in one go – it’s sure to be truly delicious."

We're going to fully stock our pantries with these new mixes as soon as they hit shelves!