The Top 5 Tips To Get Into Those Tay Tay Skinny Jeans

You can do it!

The Top 5 Tips To Get Into Those Tay Tay Skinny Jeans

While the Scoopla team doesn't have Taylor Swift's personal trainer, we DO have our very own fabulous fit expert, BUF Girl Cassey Maynard!

We caught up with Cass who revealed to us her top tips on slipping back into our Tay Tay skinny jeans!

1.  Drink plenty of water.

Around 2-3 litres per day to keep your body in top condition for fat burning and muscle building.


2.  Eat your dark green veggies.

They'll help to flush out excess toxins that like to live on your butts and thighs. Eeep! (lookin’ at you cellulite!)


3.  Stay away from soy, cheap cuts of meat and processed diary.

These foods will help to increase the toxins around your legs and booty... Not what we want for a Skinny Jeans Extravaganza!



4.  Focus on plyometric body weight exercises to seriously strip the fat from your bottoms half.

BUF Girls especially love Jump Lunges and Squats, Chest to floor burpees and High Knees


5.  Move every day!

Yep that’s right... just move your body in any way you can...take the stairs whenever you can, park a few blocks away from the office, clean the house or maybe dance around to your favourite Tay Tay tune when no one is watching!  

Don't forget to catch Cassey's fellow BUF Girl Libby Babet on The Biggest Loser Transformed, Sunday to Wednesday 7pm on Channel Ten AND you can train with the BUF Girls here