Tiny Tents For Cats Exist & They’re The Definition Of Cute

How purr-fect!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

18 April 2019

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Cat Camp

Cats are one of the cutest (and most mischievous) pets on earth and if you’re a cat lover, you know how crazy you get when you see cute cat beds and accessories.

To add to your obsession for buying things for your furry friend, we’ve stumbled across what has to be one of the cutest cat bed ideas on the market:

A teeny tiny tent for indoor cats!

They’re just like a real tent that we all use when we go camping - but much, MUCH smaller! 

Cat Camp have come up with some high quality tiny tents for cats to hideout in. They will even withstand your cat’s scratches - because we all know the damage cats can wreak on furniture! 

The tents come complete with a load of handy features, including:

  • Removable microfibre fleece: a fluffy fleece pad lines the bottom of the tent, to keep your kitty warm! It can be removed when it’s hot and also so it can be washed!
  • Non-absorbent lining: the base is made from great quality lining that is non-absorbent. 
  • High-quality materials: the tent uses durable and custom-made materials such like a modern tent, inducing fibreglass poles, stainless steel connectors, and tent walls that your cat can’t scratch through!
  • There’s a side-zipped entrance at the front of the tent and a secret catch at the rear or sneaky cats to use! 
  • It even comes with a durable heavy weather cover in case the conditions change when your cat’s lounging outside!

The tents retail at $59.95 and come in a range of colours (blue, black, orange, red).

Sound like your cats kind of thing?

You can find them online here


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