The Queen's Baton Relay Came To Town Yesterday!

Did you see it come through?

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The Queen's Baton relay came through town yesterday, making its way past Mt Isa before reaching the Gold Coast for The Commonwealth Games in April.

The weather conditions meant there had to be some last minute detours to the relay and meant the community celebration at Buchanan Park Entertainment Centre was forced to move inside.

Our local batonbearers were: 

Michelle Ball

Keith Ballard

Jake Britton

Cheryl Brosnan

Cheryl Bruce

Martin Carland

Stephen Carrington

Madison Clauson

Alex Cleary

John Davis

Kerrie Dempsey

Maryann Devine

Gavin Donnelly

Larissa Dowdle

Chris Gaston

Elena Goodall

Emma Harman

Richard Harvey

Melissa Hodgetts

Ronald Holt

Graham Johnson

Stephanie King

Sabina Knight

Karen and Kim Kreschmann

Fiona Kropp

Malcolm MacRae

Jekeira Major

Greg Mitchell

Ben Nedwich

Vicki Nicholson

Hope Philip

Sally Prendergast

Allan Regeling

Nikki Row

Gina Scott

David Scott

William and Mace Te Pohe

Sienna Te Wani

Mike Westerman

Paul White

Wendy Wockner

Bill Woodward

Did you see our Sales Manager as a batonbearer in Mt Isa?
Did you cheer on the Queen's Baton Relay through Mt Isa?
Amber Lowther

7 March 2018

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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