Roma Residents Advised to Continue to Boil Water

Western side of town

27 September 2017

Article heading image for Roma Residents Advised to Continue to Boil Water

Those Roma residents affected on the western side of town are advised to continue boiling their tap water, following the Boil Water Alert issued yesterday.

If unsure if your property is affected, please be sure to check the map at <>.

Maranoa Mayor Tyson Golder said the source of the contamination has now been determined.

“An out of service bore started filling the reservoir servicing the affected area with unchlorinated water (this was caused by an electrical fault). This bore has now been physically disabled and the reservoir has been manually dosed with chlorine to restore disinfection,” Cr Golder said.

“Council will continue to work with Queensland Health over the coming days to undertake further testing of the water, to confirm the contamination has been removed.

“We advise our Roma residents in the affected area to please ensure you continue to use boiled tap water, or bottled water for drinking.”


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