It’s Not Your Fault If You’ve Been An Emotional Wreck This Month

Sound like you, or someone you know?!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

16 June 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Have YOU been having the craziest, most emotional and highly-strung time ever this month?

Or has someone close to you been dealing with an outrageously bad run of mood swings?

You might want to grab a cup of tea, rug up in a warm blanket, and relax for a little, because it turns out it’s not entirely all your fault, or theirs.


The June Supermoon is about and it has been wreaking absolutely bloody havoc in everyone’s lives, leaving us all very moody and emotional.

Mamamia spoke to an expert about it all, Lynette Arkadie, to reveal how this phenomena affects us and turns us into wrecks.

The moon affects us in a similar way it does the tide - when the moon is close during a superman phase, it pulls magnetically on all the energies on earth, which includes us!

“Essentially what we are is energy on the outside and we’re a current as well and we’re a physical body so what happens is when this energy is in its place at the moment, it takes us around in an orbit to our own shadow.


“That’s why we’re crying, that’s why we’re going back over old things, it’s a very deep time where we process a lot of internal things that we thought we’d packaged away.”

It’s usually a massive time of change, that pulls at all of our strings. 

“The important thing here is this is about being interconnected with something massive, with big forces way beyond your local little energy.

“The trouble is, we all retreat when this energy happens. We often get shameful or we shut down and get really sad and we forget to phone a friend.”

Unlike most other times, a supermoon magnifies our emotions so that tiny things blow up into GIGANTIC world-ending scenarios. 

“You might take someone’s stapler and normally they might not care. But in a supermoon, they might go into a full-scale intervention."


This might seem like bippity-boppity-bulls$%^ to you, but after some experiences I’ve had, I’m taking this stuff seriously. 

Take this for instance - at the end of April, I had one of the worst days ever in my whole 24 years of life. 

It was horrible and I was a time bomb of seriously all-over-the-place emotions that exploded. 

The next day, things calmed down and I had one of the best days ever, and then I came across a wee little article stressing how we all ‘had to be uber careful’ yesterday… because of the particular full moon that was occurring and that it would make things VERY hard for everyone. 

After that, I decided I’m going to listen to all this mojo. 


SO, if you’ve been having a seriously stressful month and don’t know what’s gotten into you, you might want to buckle up…

Why? Because the next three moons are all going to be supermoons… 

Three months of emotional torment to endure… so you might want to be extra wary of things at work, in your relationship, and in everyday life, because things are going to get bumpy…


If you are concerned about your own emotional wellbeing, are experiencing a personal crisis or are concerned about someone else, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or at




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