“Bunny Bums” Are The Cutest Easter Chocolates On Offer This Year!

Delicious and adorable!

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Sue Lewis Chocolatier

Sue Lewis Chocolatier is back this Easter with her delicious traditional chocolate rabbits and eggs, as well as new holiday-themed treats.

Some new creations this year include Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Eggs, Hot Chocolate Easter eggs (just pour warm milk on top!), and our favourite, these Bunny Bums!


Look, here they are caught in a pot!


The Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Egg is made using freshly made honeycomb from local supplier Honey I'm Home Produce and blended through a 70% Valrhona dark chocolate.


As for the Hot Chocolate Easter Eggs, consumers are asked to pop the egg in a mug or heat-sensitive glass and pour warm milk over it - Not only will the egg melt into a hot chocolate, but inside you will find a marshmallow!



For more information on where to purchase some of these delights, check out the Sue Lewis stockists here! 

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Zoe P

18 April 2019

Article by:

Zoe P

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