6 Aussies Celebs Who Became Famous From Winning Competitions 

You could be next!

26 April 2018

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We’re constantly told that there is no singular path to success, everyone’s story is different.

Here in Aus, It’s pretty well known that appearing on reality TV can be a pretty big foot in the door for carving out a larger career.

Check out these five established persons who got their big break from winning competitions and keep reading on to see how you could be next!

1. Miranda Kerr 

One of Australia’s most famous supermodels, Miranda Kerr, got her big break after winning Dolly magazine’s model search competition in 1997 at the age of 13! She’s also one of the highest earning models in the world! 


2. Ruby Rose 

After coming second in Girlfriend Magazine’s model search in 2002, Ruby went on to win MTV’s search for a new VJ (which saw her down 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes against Bam Margera from Jackass) which led to her winning the ASTRA award for Favourite Female Personality.  

We’ve now seen Ruby go on to create her own clothing line, release a music single Guilty Pleasure, and of course, star in major Hollywood films and TV shows like Orange Is The New Black and Pitch Perfect 3.  


3. John Safran 

He’s known for some of the most outrageous documentaries and stunts we’ve seen on Aussie screens including 2005’s AFI awarding winning John Safran vs God, but John Safran actually got his first taste of fame on the ABC television competition Race Around the World.

The competition saw young documentarians travel the globe shooting 10 minute documentaries.  

On the show, John streaked naked through the streets of Jerusalem wearing only a St Kilda scarf and beanie, and although he was a frontrunner throughout the series, he eventually was disqualified for using footage from a hidden camera which was against the rules.


4. Pia Miller

The model and Home and Away actress is yet ANOTHER Dolly magazine model search winner! 

A year after Miranda Kerr won, Pia took home the title at the age of 14. This year, fans can expect to see her star in Channel Nine’s latest crime thriller Bite Club. 


5. Sophie Monk 

Sophie Monk is currently gearing up to host the first Australian season of Love Island, she’s our most recent Bachelorette and we’ve seen her pop up in a string of media gigs and acting jobs.

But we’ll always remember her as our favourite member of Bardot! The girl group formed on the hit 2000 TV series Popstars! 

Just FYI, Bardot isn’t on Spotify (which is a total crime) so check out their best eight songs here for a killer throwback.  


6. James Mathison  

He became a household name as the host of Australian Idol, but before James Mathison was helping to discover Matt Corby and Jessica Mauboy, he himself was on a game show! 

James appeared on Network Ten’s TV show $20 Challenge, which saw Aussies trying to survive in a foreign country with just $20 in their pocket. Although he came second, when he returned home, James auditioned for Channel V’s reporter search and won! 

If we’ve learnt anything here, it’s that it doesn’t matter where you come from, if you have the talent and put yourself out there, BIG things can happen! 


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